The Challenges Today For Central Elements For Interview

I’m starting to realize the hype is real with that guy. He’s legit, I would be the challenge of a lifetime Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) September 12, 2016 To be clear, this isnt the first time that Jones has called for a fight with Miocic. Back in January, Jones responded to a fan tweet asking about just such a matchup with the Cleveland native, writing If it was for the actual title I would totally do it. (Oh Jon, dont you understand that no one cares about title fights anymore ?) For what its worth, Miocic has already responded to Jones callout and seems ready to do the damn thing. Ill fight whoever, Miocic told TMZ . Hes a great guy, weve talked before, very nice guy to me. Like I said, Ill fight whoever they want me to fight. If they want me to fight Jon, Ill fight Jon or whoever they want me to fight next Cain (Velasquez) JDS (Junior dos Santos), (Fabricio) Werdum I dont care. the me of six months ago would prefer to see Miocic face the most deserved contender next (which would probably be the winner of a Werdum/Velasquez rematch), the me of right now is all for booking Miocic vs. Jones, given that the latter is actually able to return to fighting within the next few months. Thats the money fight, after all, and money fights are all that matter nowadays You know what, f*ck it, I say the UFC goes ahead and books Miocic vs. Punk on the grounds that the champ has to fight on his knees with one of his arms handcuffed to the cage and also Punk gets a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire.

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Youre all set! By Ann E. Marimow September 13 at 6:02 PM Follow @amarimow Attorneys for Marine Maj. Mark Thompson on Tuesday questioned the authenticity of a recorded interview that the government intends to use against the former U.S. Naval Academy instructor at his court-martial early next year. Thompson, 47, has long sought to prove that he was unfairly convicted of sexual misconduct at a 2013 court-martial. The military launched a new investigation into Thompson after The Washington Post uncovered evidence that he was dishonest when he testified under oath to a Marine administrative board. Thompson now faces new charges of lying to the board, encouraging a friend to lie for him at his court-martial and lying to a Post reporter about his accusers. [ A Marine fights to prove hes innocent of sexual misconduct. Then a lost cellphone is found ] The 45-minute audio recording of The Posts interview with Thompson, which the newspaper published online in July, is part of the militarys case set to begin in January.

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